Client Contract Agreement Template 

Let’s be honest! Have you been putting off putting together a contract? Us creatives have a hundred better things we could be doing, right? WRONG!

A solid contract is one of the most important things to have when entering into a working agreement with a client. I’ve heard (and experienced!) so many horror stories about outstanding invoices going unpaid, demands for refunds and stylists being left to foot the bill for breakages and lost items. Even clients slandering hire companies! A strong contract gives us the protection we need and deserve in our businesses. 

When I first went into business, I paid a substantial amount of money to have a contract drawn up by a legal professional. But I soon found that it didn’t cover everything I needed it to. It wasn’t tailored to styling and hire company’s needs.

Over the years, I’ve added to the original contract, making edits as and when new situations came up. Now I have a contract that covers all eventualities and protects my business and my clients benefit from it too. In an age where internet scammers are everywhere, a proper contract makes my clients feel safe and secure and lets them know they are in the hands of a professional.

You can get your hands on this template, and start protecting yourself, your business and your clients.

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