Founding Member lifetime price £10 per month

(get in from 7th January until 31st January to make sure you get the founding member price!

It’s going up to £25 from February 1st!

If you want to give your business (and your frazzled brain!) the lift it needs but can’t commit to any of my training programs, my monthly membership is for you. Unlike other membership plans for the wedding industry - which, in my experience, can be quite focussed on planners and florists - I deal with issues and problems that are ​specific to us in the event décor industry​. It’s all relevant, useful info in bitesize chunks that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed!

So what’s included?



-Learn My Tricks ​-

Practical styling, dressing and designing videos where you can look over my shoulder! You will learn how I build my centre-pieces, dress tables, prep for bookings, design graphics… you get my drift!


- Download the Right Tools of the Trade​ –

No more faffing about trying to find systems that are supposed to be ​ making your life easier! I’m going to give you EVERYTHING you need (tools, templates, checklists…), so you can stop experimenting and just get on with business.

How do I know they work for venue stylists?

Because these are the resources I use in my business! ​... And breathe!

The Little Black Book

- Who my suppliers are and what they supply!​ -

When it comes to updating your stock, use suppliers that I’ve bought from (and trust!) for peace of mind. From Wholesalers to High End Boutiques supplying everything from linens to props and faux flowers, I’ll keep the LBB up to date so you don’t have to shop around for the best quality and price.


Guest expert advice

– ​Venue styling is my thang.-

That’s where my expertise lies.

I’ve done a lot of learning when it comes to Social Media, Websites, Branding Photos and other aspects of the biz - but I’m by no means an expert!

So, who better for you to learn from than the people that taught me?!

I’m giving you access to the experts in their field who have helped me make my business the success it is. You’ll get the very best support and knowledge out there to support and grow your business. 


- Discounts on Coaching & Premium Resources -

Members will get exclusive discounts on all my coaching packages, all practical training, all educational courses and business resources. 


Sound good?! I know right!

I wanted to give you what I would have LOVED when I first started out! A mentor who could show me how to move my business forward, and make a success of myself... for the price of a takeaway!

We are launching very soon and I’m so excited to bring you bags of great content (with new stuff being added every week!) 

If you want to work with me and take advantage of the Founding Member lifetime price of ​£10 per month (get in before 31st January to make sure you get the founding member price! It’s going up to £25 from February 1st!) ​sign up below and I’ll email you as soon as the doors open.


I can’t wait to start working with you and helping you create the business you dream about!

Mikyla x

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